Second Round, Standard- A Day of Draws!

These days many chess lovers, especially Iranian ones, are following the 2nd Stars Cup in Anzali Free Zone.

Today the Anzali Conference Hall, the venue of the 2nd Stars Cup, hosted many officials from Iranian Parliament, Chess Federation of I. R. Iran, Guilan Youth Affairs and Sport Organization and Anzali Free Zone Organization.

 The Officials in Second Round of 2nd Stars Cup

Not to forget the interesting part of the day! Mr. Reza Masroor, the CEO of Anzali Free Zone, who is very interested in chess, requested GM Alexei Shirov to play a match with him!

 Mr. Reza Masroor, the CEO of Anzali Free Zone, trying to play well against GM Shirov!

Spectators watching Mr. Reza Masroor-GM Shirov Match

All the games in second round were finished in a draw. So the team result was 3.5-3.5.

Although the commentators forecasted win for GM Parham Maghsoodloo and IM Masoud Mosadeghpour, at the end their matches were finished in a draw, too.

 The Officials and GM Ehsan Ghaemmaghami watching Parham-Wen Yang Match

The third round of the Standard section will be started at 16:15 on July 14th.

By Sahar Noori, FIDE Journalist

Photos by Morteza Fakhri Nezhad

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