Fourth Round, Standard- Only One Loss against World Bests

The fourth round of the 2nd Stars Cup was again the sign of Iranian talented players’ endeavor and progress.

In an exciting match, IM Alireza Firouzja could defeat GM Alexei Shirov and got ½ score. That was a great result for 14-year-old Alireza.

Youth Iranian Player, Alireza Firouzja, made GM Alexei Shirov surprised!

GM Ivan Sokolov-GM Pouya Idani match was finished in a draw, too, with a nice Rook Endgame.

GM Pouya Idani versus GM Ivan Sokolov

A draw claim was presented during GM WenYand and GM Ehsan Ghaemmaghami match, but not accepted by the Chief Arbiter. GM Wen Yang claimed a draw by threefold repetition. “I made my move but didn’t press my clock!” Wen Yang said. However, according to the FIDE rules, once the player touches the piece, he loses the right of claiming a draw.

GM Wen Yang Made an Unsuccessful Claim

6 draws and 1 loss were the results of members of Iran Stars Team against World Stars Team. The detailed results of the Teams are as below:

The Results

The fifth round will be started at 16:15 on July 16th in Anzali Free Zone.

By Sahar Noori, FIDE Journalist

Photos by Sadegh Marzoughi & Parham Raouf

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