The Closing Ceremony- Guilan, the Chess Base of Iran

After showing high level games, the players attended the Closing Ceremony of the 2nd Stars Cup in Anzali Conference Hall on July 18th at 17:00.

 The Closing Cerenmony

 Playing the National Anthem of I. R. Iran

 Iran Stars Team

 World Stars Team

Besides the players, many officials, such as the President of Iran Chess Federation, the CEO of Anzali Free Zone, the General Director of Youth Affairs and Sport of Guilan Province, the members of City Council of Rasht, Provincial Officers, and also Youth and Senior chess players took part in the ceremony.


"Guilan is considered as the chess base of Iran." Mr Masroor said. He added: "Iran team played more higher than our expectation."

 Mr. Reza Masroor, the CEO of Anzali Free Zone

Mr Pahlevanzadeh, the President of Iran Chess Federation, gave his speech: "This kind of tournaments improve the level of chess in Iran."

 Mr. Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh, the President of Iran Chess Federation

"The rating of Iran Stars Team incresed in the 2nd Stars Cup." IA Shohreh Bayat, the Chief Arbiter, said.

 IA Shohreh Bayat, the Chief Arbiter


Finally the organizers appreciated the players by medals and symbols of the tournament.

"The 2nd International Chess Stars Cup" was officially closed.

By Sahar Noori, FIDE Journalist

Photos by IRNA News Agency &


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